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Hi, I’m Brian, your EPC Near Me assessor in Ammanford.
I provide a fast and efficient assessment of your property and a speedy turnaround in lodging your Energy Performance Certificate to the central register. I pride myself on honesty, friendliness and reliability.

EPCs in Ammanford From £50

My price for a domestic EPC starts at £50 and increases with the size and complexity of the building. Please call, text or email for a no-obligation quote. We also provide information on how to access FREE Funding for energy-saving measures to be installed at your property.
I also provide Retrofit Assessments and would be happy to provide a quote.

What Is An EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a report that shows the energy efficiency of a home or business premises. It looks at two ratings; one for the energy performance rating (EPR) which gives information on how energy is used in the building, and another for the environmental impact rating (EIR), which measures how much carbon dioxide emissions are created by using different types of fuel in the building. The higher the rating, the better the overall performance of your property. The results are presented in a graph format to provide an easy-to-understand overview of your property’s energy efficiency.

Benefits for Homeowners and Landlords in Ammanford

As a homeowner or landlord in Ammanford, having an EPC can be beneficial in several ways. First off, if you are a landlord renting out your property, being able to demonstrate that it has good energy performance can make it more attractive to potential tenants. Moreover, having an up-to-date certificate will mean that you are compliant with government regulations regarding rental properties – something that could save you from hefty fines down the line. For homeowners looking to sell their property in Ammanford, having an EPC means that potential buyers know upfront how much they will be spending on bills once they move in – increasing their confidence in making the purchase.

Government Regulations

The UK government has set regulations regarding when it is necessary to have an up-to-date EPC for homes and businesses throughout England, Scotland & Wales—including Ammanford! For example, all residential properties must have a valid EPC when they are first built or renovated when they’re sold or rented out. This ensures that potential buyers/renters know exactly what kind of energy efficiency they’re getting before committing to purchase/renting out a particular property. In addition to this regulation, all commercial buildings over 50m2 must also have an up-to-date EPC whenever they’re sold or rented out – no exceptions!

Planning Ahead

The first step in preparing your home for an EPC assessment is to plan ahead. You should be sure that all necessary documents are on hand, such as proof of ownership, proof of utility bills, and receipts for recent repairs or improvements. Additionally, it’s important to make sure all areas of the house are accessible and clean so that the assessor can do their job without any obstacles.


Checking the Windows & Doors

Windows and doors play an important role in the overall energy efficiency of your home, so it’s important to check them before the assessment takes place. Make sure that all windows and doors are properly sealed, with no gaps or drafts around them. If there are any gaps, use caulk or weather stripping to fill them in and seal off any openings where air could escape from inside the house. Additionally, you should check all window locks and door locks to ensure they are secure and functioning properly.

Cleaning & Organization

It’s also important to make sure all areas of your home are clean and organized before the assessment takes place. Be sure that all floors are swept free of dirt and debris, carpets vacuumed, walls wiped down with a damp cloth, bathrooms scrubbed down if necessary, etc. All furniture should be neatly arranged in its designated areas; if possible try not to clutter up rooms with too many pieces or decorations as this can impede the assessor’s ability to do their job properly.


One of my best decisions I've made was to join the team at EPC Near Me. It is building into a very important part of my business. I have a great online presence, my personal EPC Near Me website is a great addition to my EPC business. Massive thanks to Paul & Chris for their help over the last 8 months



As a DEA, I needed to get my business into a stable position and certainly EPC Near Me provided an excellent platform for me to achieve a steady customer flow. Thank you EPC Near Me.


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What to expect when a Domestic Energy Assessor comes to your property

Every Domestic Energy Assessor / DEA will have their own order and format of carrying out the EPC depending on the software that they use and their personal preference to efficiency.

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