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What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document that provides information on a property’s energy efficiency. Using a rating system that ranges from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), it offers homeowners and potential buyers a clear idea of how much it will cost to heat, cool, and provide power to a property.

The EPC includes two main components:

  1. Performance Ratings: These ratings measure the property’s current energy efficiency and its potential rating if improvements are made.
  2. Recommendations: The EPC also offers recommendations for improving the property’s energy efficiency, which could, in turn, enhance its rating.


Benefits of an EPC

  1. Informed Decision Making: For potential buyers or renters, an EPC provides a clear insight into the energy efficiency of a property, allowing them to anticipate energy costs.
  2. Environmental Considerations: Homes with higher energy efficiency reduce carbon emissions, contributing to environmental preservation.
  3. Increased Property Value: Homes that have a higher EPC rating can demand higher market values as they are seen as more energy-efficient and cost-effective in the long run.
  4. Potential Cost Savings: By following the recommendations on the EPC, homeowners can significantly reduce their energy bills.


Upgrades Blackpool Property Owners Can Make

If you’re a property owner in Blackpool, there are several improvements you can make to enhance your property’s EPC rating:

  1. Insulation: One of the most effective ways to improve energy efficiency. Consider loft, wall, and floor insulation.
  2. Double or Triple Glazing: Replace old windows with double or triple glazed versions to reduce heat loss.
  3. Energy-efficient Boilers: Old boilers can be incredibly inefficient. Modern, energy-efficient boilers can make a considerable difference.
  4. Solar Panels: A more significant investment, but in sunny areas, they can substantially reduce electricity bills and improve your EPC rating.
  5. LED Lighting: Replace old light bulbs with LED versions which are more energy-efficient.
  6. Smart Thermostats: These devices allow for better control of heating in the home, ensuring energy isn’t wasted.


Government Regulations

As of recent regulations, it’s mandatory for properties in the UK (including Blackpool) to have an EPC before they are sold or rented. Specifically, for landlords, properties rented out in the private rented sector must have a minimum energy performance rating of E. This regulation is in place to phase out the least energy-efficient properties and is part of the UK’s broader strategy to combat climate change.

Penalties for not meeting these standards can be steep, ranging from fines to restrictions on renting or selling the property until it’s compliant.

What to expect when a Domestic Energy Assessor comes to your property

Every Domestic Energy Assessor / DEA will have their own order and format of carrying out the EPC depending on the software that they use and their personal preference to efficiency.

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