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The EPC is more than just a certificate; it’s a reflection of our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. For Leicester property owners, understanding the significance of the EPC, its benefits, and how they can make impactful upgrades is crucial.


What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a report that details the energy efficiency of a building. It provides a rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years. The EPC offers insights into the property’s energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, giving potential buyers or renters an idea of how much the building will cost to heat and power. This information can play a crucial role when making decisions about purchasing or renting a property.


Benefits of Having an EPC

  1. Informative Decision Making: An EPC provides prospective buyers and renters with clear information about a property’s energy efficiency. This can influence decisions, with energy-efficient homes often being more attractive because of the potential for lower energy bills.
  2. Property Value: A higher EPC rating can increase the market value of a property. As energy efficiency becomes a more significant concern, properties with better EPC ratings can command higher prices.
  3. Environmental Impact: An energy-efficient home isn’t just good for the wallet; it’s good for the planet too. Reducing energy consumption means fewer carbon emissions, which contributes to combating climate change.


Upgrades Leicester Property Owners Can Make

Improving the EPC rating is not only beneficial for the environment and potential savings but also can enhance the overall value and appeal of the property. Here are some upgrades Leicester property owners can consider:

  1. Insulation: Proper insulation, especially in the loft or walls, can significantly reduce heat loss. This means your home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  2. Double Glazing: Replacing old windows with double-glazed ones can help maintain the temperature inside the house, reducing the need for additional heating or cooling.
  3. Boiler Upgrades: An older boiler can be one of the primary culprits of higher energy bills. Upgrading to a more efficient model can drastically reduce energy consumption.
  4. Solar Panels: Installing solar panels can not only reduce electricity bills but also potentially provide a surplus of energy which can be sold back to the grid in some cases.
  5. LED Lighting: Switching to LED lights is a simple yet effective step. They consume significantly less energy and last longer than traditional bulbs.


Government Regulations

The UK government has been at the forefront of driving energy efficiency in homes. This has led to regulations that require:

  1. Mandatory EPC: It’s compulsory for all properties being sold or rented in Leicester (and the entire UK) to have a valid EPC. This ensures transparency about the property’s energy efficiency.
  2. Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES): Since April 2018, it’s illegal for landlords to rent out properties with an EPC rating of F or G, unless they have a valid exemption. This pushes landlords to make necessary improvements.


Why Homeowners and Landlords in Leicester Need an EPC

  1. Legal Requirement: As mentioned, selling or renting a property without a valid EPC can lead to penalties. It’s a legal requisite for a reason – to ensure transparency and drive the move towards more energy-efficient homes.
  2. Competitive Edge: For landlords, properties with a higher EPC rating can be more attractive to potential renters. Similarly, for homeowners looking to sell, a better EPC can be a selling point.
  3. Plan Upgrades: The EPC doesn’t just give a rating; it also provides recommendations for improvements. This can serve as a roadmap for homeowners and landlords looking to improve their property’s energy efficiency.
  4. Contribute to a Greener Leicester: As Leicester strives to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious, having an EPC and working towards a higher rating is a step in the right direction. It’s not just about individual benefits but about creating a community and city that’s future-focused and environmentally responsible.

What to expect when a Domestic Energy Assessor comes to your property

Every Domestic Energy Assessor / DEA will have their own order and format of carrying out the EPC depending on the software that they use and their personal preference to efficiency.

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