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Our team of experts is trained to evaluate each unique space and provide tailored recommendations for improving energy efficiency. We believe that making eco-friendly energy choices not only benefits homeowners financially but also contributes to a better environment for all. Whether you’re looking to sell, rent or simply make improvements to your home, LAD Assessments is here to help you achieve maximum energy efficiency with minimal hassle. Contact us today to schedule an assessment and take the first step towards a sustainable future.


What is an EPC?

An EPC is a report that assesses a property’s energy efficiency rating on a scale of A to G, with A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient. The report looks at various aspects of the property’s energy usage, such as insulation, heating systems, and lighting, and provides recommendations on how to improve its energy efficiency. The report is valid for ten years and can be updated if the property undergoes any changes that impact its energy usage.


Why Does it Matter?

For property owners in Oakham, obtaining an EPC is mandatory if you plan to sell or rent out your property. The minimum energy rating for rental properties is E, and failure to comply can result in a fine of up to £4,000. An EPC can also help you identify areas of your property that need improvement, making it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants. Additionally, having an energy-efficient property can lead to cost savings on energy bills and contribute to a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.


Who Can Carry Out an EPC Assessment?

Only accredited assessors can carry out an EPC assessment. These assessors have to meet certain standards and qualifications to ensure that the assessment is accurate and reliable. If you are looking to get an EPC assessment done for your property in Oakham, make sure to contact us via our EPC Near Me profile today!


What are the Benefits of an EPC?

There are several benefits of having an EPC for your property. A high energy efficiency rating can make your property more attractive to potential buyers or tenants, as they will be able to save money on energy bills. A lower energy bill can also benefit you as a property owner, reducing your overall operating costs. Moreover, having an EPC demonstrates your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and living a sustainable lifestyle, which can attract more environmentally-conscious buyers or tenants.


Government Regulations

The government has imposed regulations regarding minimum energy ratings for properties in the UK. Rental properties must have a minimum energy rating of E, and starting from 1st April 2025, all rental properties in Oakham and throughout the UK must have a minimum rating of D. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in substantial fines, ranging from £2,000 to £5,000. The government also offers financial incentives for homeowners looking to improve their property’s energy efficiency, such as grants, subsidies, and favourable tax rates.


What Does an EPC Assessment Involve?

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) assessment in the UK typically includes the following:

  1. An inspection of the property: The EPC assessor will visit the property to assess its size, age, construction, heating and cooling systems, lighting, and other relevant factors that impact its energy efficiency. The inspection usually takes between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the property.
  2. Gathering data: The assessor will gather data about the property, such as its floor area, heating and cooling systems, insulation, and type of windows and doors. The assessor will also collect information on the energy use of any appliances on the property.
  3. Data entry: The data collected during the assessment will be entered into a software program that calculates the energy efficiency rating of the property.
  4. Energy efficiency rating: The software program will generate an energy efficiency rating for the property based on the data collected during the assessment. The rating is on a scale of A to G, with A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient.
  5. Recommendations: The assessor will provide recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the property, which can include installing insulation, upgrading heating and cooling systems, replacing light bulbs with energy-efficient ones, and other measures that can help reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills.
  6. Issuing the EPC: The assessor will issue an EPC, which is a document that includes the energy efficiency rating of the property, recommendations for improving its energy efficiency, and other information about the property’s energy performance. The EPC is valid for 10 years and is required for any property that is sold or rented out in Oakham.

What to expect when a Domestic Energy Assessor comes to your property

Every Domestic Energy Assessor / DEA will have their own order and format of carrying out the EPC depending on the software that they use and their personal preference to efficiency.

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