Because the assessor lives locally, they are accustomed to carrying out EPCs on the kind of construction used in the area. This is an important part of the assessment, as dating the property and selecting the correct construction type is highly significant to the EPC rating, as it will factor in the building regulations used when the property was constructed. 

Another reason to contact your EPC Near Me assessor is that a local assessor will be able to offer a lower price as the distance they need to travel is minimum. 

The simple explanation for an estate agent's prices being considerably higher than contacting a local domestic energy assessor is that they will factor into their quote the time they spend contacting the assessor and arranging for them to come out. Also as a business, they will be looking to make a profit on it too. 

100% of the price you pay for the energy performance certificate will go to the Domestic Energy Assessor who came to your property to do the job. They will also be responsible for paying their accreditation company to lodge the EPC to the government register. 

EPC near me is a platform specifically for Domestic Energy Assessors to gain a professional online presence within their local area and connect them with you the customer.