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Please find below the application to join our network of Domestic Energy Assessors. We will review your profile and check your registration on the Government Website before getting back to you shortly. We aim to keep the relationship between EPC-Nearme owners and our network of Domestic Energy Assessors friendly, approachable, committed and successful. Therefore, rather than issuing Terms & Conditions of a contract between us, we have listed a short set of commitments between us which we believe you will find fair and agreeable. We are looking for like minded people to join us on our journey.
How would you like to pay, monthly or Annually.(Required)
Our Commitment We will only ever allow ONE Domestic Energy Assessor per parliamentary area at a time. If any subscriptions or annual payments are missed, we will give you the opportunity to discuss with us before we make any decision on contacting Assessor 2. We will continue to invest heavily in marketing the National Website to keep it as high as possible on the Major Search Engines pages. By doing this along with speaking to National Estate Agents/Property Developers etc we will also get to the stage where we have excellent organic growth. We have a great team with us who are experts in this field. We will endeavour to stop any crossovers of areas happening. We have chosen parliamentary areas as each one has approximately 5000 households, however with over 1.7 million postcodes in the UK, some crossovers are inevitable. We will provide analytical data regards hits and views coming from your area onto the website. We will use this to keep you informed of reasons of success/failure to enable us to work together to make even more conversions. Always review your profile, accreditations and pricing structure, as we believe people connect with people they feel comfortable with, along with reasonable pricing. Along with investment to keep the website high up on search engine pages, we will keep the website looking professional and easy to use. The website has been designed to be very user friendly with mobile devises, which most people use to search for energy certificates.
Your Commitment On Joining our Network of Domestic Energy Assessors (and from the date of the first payment) you agree to pay the agreed monthly fee per chosen area assigned. The monthly subscription can be cancelled at anytime but we ask that you give at least 2 weeks notice before your next payment is due. Subscriptions will be taken on an agreed date of the month and late payments will be discussed between EPC Near Me and the Assessor to reach a resolution. If no resolution is reached, EPC Near me reserve the right to delete the Assessors information from the website and replace it with Assessor number 2 We ask you to be patient soon after joining to give us time to market your chosen area with a number of marketing strategies including Google Ads, Banner Ads, Organic Growth of UK Website and National Advertising etc. It would be a shame if an Assessor who replaced you were to benefit from the early work going on in your area. After all, you only need two or three converted leads to pay for the first 6 months of subscription (Depending on your prices) We would like you to regularly review your own Bio and testimonials and let us know if you would like your profile pages updated. Remain professional and committed at all times as you will be promoting your own local business along with EPC-Nearme national brand. Avoid crossovers to other parliamentary areas with leads from the website, this could occasionally happen so we ask you to be mindful of other assessors on the network as they should be of you. Give us feedback and talk to us regularly with the intention of improving our services both Locally and Nationally.
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